Wellness Healing

Why Wellness Healing

"Energy cannot be created, or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another" Albert Einstein

Wellness that is offered:
- Relax and melt into the shampoo bowl with vibrational sound during the wash
- Shamanic CranioSacral Therapy
- Vibrational Sound Therapy
- Hot oil scalp treatments infused with a scalp massage and vibrational sound therapy (oil is hand crafted from the garden)

If you are feeling the call to dive into your own self healing, we are here to be a channel for you. Please call directly for further questions or to book.

A Perfect Atmosphere
Our soothing and spacious facility is ideal; accordingly, many of our wellness clients say they always look forward to coming in. We designed our building interior with a goal in mind – to combine rich cultural tradition with a modern wellness atmosphere to offer the best wellness experience possible.

We are in the heart of St. Charles, making us a great stop for Elgin, Geneva, Batavia and Aurora clients.

Our Services

Monarch Wellness Healing is a top rated wellness healing facility that understands the needs for your body & mind. Come try the professionals who put the client’s needs and concerns first.

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